How Big is Being Featured in Google Play

There is no bigger exposure on Android for your app than being chosen one by Google to be featured. While the specific criteria for snagging a feature isn’t known, the going consensus among developers is to create a high quality app.

So how many downloads could you get by being featured by Google on Google Play?

We have 3 case studies:

Runkeeper: 673% boost on downloads. article.

SkyVu: 1,899% boost on downloads. article.

Little Dragons: 4,686% boost on downloads. article.


App Browsing Habits Fast Facts

81 percent of App Store visitors stop browsing after checking out the top 50 apps.


How to Get Rid of Negative App Reviews

Reviews are one of the most important things you have to follow once your app is live are users reviews. Your convertion rates (visitors vs downloads) will drop a lot if you have less that 3,5 stars, your ranking will drop (specially on Google Play) and a vicious cycle will begin.

And some times, negative reviews are unfare. You only need a few haters for this dinamic begin, so it’s really important to get rid of negative reviews as soon as possible.


Follow these 5 steps for iOS:

1. Go to iTunes and open your app’s page. Go to “Rating and Reviews”.

2. Vote “NO” to the question “Was that review helpful?” to all unfair reviews.

3. Click on “Report a Concern” and choose a reason from the menu.

4. Write a reasonable explanation why you think the review should be removed. Do not forget to mention that the review is:  irrelevant, misleading, unfair and not helpful at all.

5- Repeat 1 to 4 with as much iTunes accounts as you have/can get help from.


Follow these 5 steps for Google Play:

1. Go to Google Play  and open your app’s page. Scroll down and click “All comments”.

2. Click on the “Thumb Down” icon of all unfair reviews.

3. Click on “Spam”.

4- Repeat 1 to 4 with as much Google accounts as you have/can get help from.


But always remember that Reviews are users feedback: Try to PAY ATTENTION to what they say.

App Revenue & Monetization Fast Fact

25 Developers Grab 50% Of App Revenues.


Localized Icons, Screenshots & Videos on Google Play

Great news for Android Apps marketing. Now Google Play let’s you add localized

  • Hi-Res Icons
  • Screenshots
  • Feature Graphics
  • Promo Graphics
  • Promo Video / YouTube URLs

for marketing apps in different languages.

Remember that September’s 2012 Distimo study revealed that the introduction of the native language to an app boosts its download volumes and revenue.